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Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «FQV2105» (256 Kb), manufacturer AMICC. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet FQV2105 manufacturer AMICC
Description3.3 Volt Synchronous x18 First-In/First-Out QueueHBA’s FlexQ™ II offers industry leading FIFO queuing bandwidth (up to 3.0 Gbps), withA wide range of memoryconfigurations (from 8,192 x 18 to 262,144 x 18). System designer has full flexibility of implementing deeper and wider queuesusing FWFT mode and width expansion features. Full, Empty, and Half-Full indicators allow easy handshaking betweentransmitters and receivers. User programmable Almost Full and Almost Empty (Parallel/Serial) indicators allow imple
Functional256 Kb
ManufacturerAMIC TechnologyAMICC
SizePages: 31, 327.78Kb
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