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VRPC-04C50N (BEL Fuse)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «VRPC-04C50N» (DC-DC Converters), manufacturer BEL Fuse. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet VRPC-04C50N manufacturer BEL Fuse
DescriptionNON-ISOLATED DC/DC CONVERTERSThe Bel VRPC-04C Series modules are non-isolated, boost DC/DC power converters that operate fromA nominal 3.3Vsource. These converters provide an output voltage of 5V and are packaged in an industry standard single-in-line footprintwith 4A maximum output. Standard features include remote on/off, over current and short circuit protection.A version of thisconverter is also available without remote on/off. These products may be used almost anywhere 5V is required andA 3.3Vsource
FunctionalDC-DC Converters
ManufacturerBEL FuseBEL Fuse
SizePages: 7, 96.21Kb
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VRPC-04C500, VRPC-04C50N