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FAN8742 (Fairchild)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «FAN8742» (DC Motor drivers/Controllers), manufacturer Fairchild. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet FAN8742 manufacturer Fairchild
Description3-Phase BLDCM + 6CH BTL DriverThe FAN8741G/FAN8742G isA monolithic IC suitable forA 3-phase BLDC(Brush Less Direct Current) spindle motor driver with PWM, 2-ch motor drivers with PWM for sled motor and 4-ch linear drivers which drive the focus actuator, tracking actuator, tilt actuator and loading motor of the optical media applications. Since FAN8741G/FAN8742G aims to high-speed/high-density optical media applications its power stage is made by D-MOS transistors which have extremely low RDS(on). This ena
FunctionalDC Motor drivers/Controllers
ManufacturerFairchild SemiconductorFairchild
SizePages: 20, 753.32Kb
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