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FIN24 (Fairchild)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «FIN24» (SerDes), manufacturer Fairchild. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet FIN24 manufacturer Fairchild
DescriptionLow Voltage 24-Bit Bi-Directional Serializer/Deserializer The FIN24 allows forA pair of SerDes to interleave data from two different data sources going opposite directions or standard bi-directional interface operation. The bi-directional data flow is controlled through use ofA direction (DIRI) control terminal. The devices can be configured to operate inA unidirectional mode by only hardwiring the DIRI terminal. An option for 2 or 4 unidirectional control terminals can be selected by using the S1 and S2
ManufacturerFairchild SemiconductorFairchild
SizePages: 20, 1.8Mb
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