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HMC525 (Hittite)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «HMC525» (Mixers), manufacturer Hittite. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet HMC525 manufacturer Hittite
Description4 - 8.5 GHz, 50dB LO/RF Iso, 40dB Image Rejection, +23dBm IIP3 The HMC525 isA compact I /Q MMIC mixer whichcan be used as either an Image Reject Mixer or aSingle Sideband Upconverter. The chip utilizes twostandard Hittite double balanced mixer cells and a90 degree hybrid fabricated inA GaAs MESFETprocess. All data shown below is taken with the chipmounted inA 50 Ohm test fi xture and includes theeffects of 1 mil diameter x 20 mil length bond wireson each port.A low frequency quadrature hybridwas used to
ManufacturerHittite Microwave CorporationHittite
SizePages: 6, 228.12Kb
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