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HMC545 (Hittite)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «HMC545» (Switches), manufacturer Hittite. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet HMC545 manufacturer Hittite
DescriptionDC - 3 GHz, 0.4dB Insertion Loss, 31dB Isolation, +34dBm Input P1dBswitches in 6-lead SOT26 plastic packages for usein general switching applications which require verylow insertion loss and very small size. With 0.25dB typical loss, these devices can control signalsfrom DC to 3.0 GHz and are especially suited forIF and RF applications including Cellular/3G, ISM,automotive and portables. The design providesexceptional insertion loss performance, ideal for fi lterand receiver switching. RF1 and RF2 are refl
ManufacturerHittite Microwave CorporationHittite
SizePages: 6, 279.27Kb
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