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Available in USB, PCI, Mini-PCI
and AC-Link
Supports AMR, MDC, ACR, and
CNR platforms
Incorporates Conexant SmartDAA
diagnostics software
ITU V.92 ready
Faster connection times
application compatible
for modem-on-hold
USB Desktop/Notebooks
p e r s o n a l c o m p u t i n g p r o d u c t s
V.92 Soft Modems
Distinguishing Features
Soft Modems -- Complete Portfolio,
Full Features, Low Cost
Conexant's line of software modem solutions are proven, reliable
products with cumulative shipments exceeding 31 million units
to over 60 countries worldwide. Drawing on Conexant's history
in modem technology development, we deliver the latest V.92
features to enhance the end user's Internet experience.
Conexant's low-cost soft modem solutions support
a wide range of platforms, including:
PCI Desktop
Mini-PCI Notebook
AC-LINK MDC Notebook
USB Desktop/Notebooks
Conexant supplies both the silicon and the software drivers for all
these solutions, ensuring complete one-stop technical support and
total legal indemnity for all V.92-related patents.
The company's Windows
based ModemXpert
application addresses common problems like no dial tone, low
data throughput, no connects and dropped connections, preventing
costly returns of properly functioning modem boards.
All Conexant AC-LINK soft modems incorporate the cost-efficient,
world safety certified, feature-rich SmartDAA technology to ensure
smooth, trouble-free operation.
P C l / A C - L l N K / U S B
p e r s o n a l c o m p u t i n g p r o d u c t s
V.92 Soft Modems
V.92 The New Standard
V.92 is the new dial-up modem specification from
the ITU (International Telecommunications Union)
which incorporates exciting new features:
Quick connect
V.44 compression
PCM (high-speed transmission) upstream
Quick connect shortens the time to make a
connection by remembering ("training") the
phone line characteristics and storing them for
future use. Typically, the modem "handshake"
to make a connection takes from 25 to 27 seconds.
Quick connect will cut the handshake time by
50%, averaging 13 seconds for most calls.
Many households use the same phone line for voice
and Internet. When a user is browsing the Internet
and incoming call either cannot get through or it
interrupts the user's connection. Modem-on-hold
allows users to receive an incoming call and stay
connected to the Internet. Conversely, users can initiate
a voice call and still keep their modem connection.
NetWaiting is bundled with the V.92 modem
chipset and driver. It offers a host of customizable
features that brings full functionality to the
modem-on-hold feature.
PCM upstream boosts the data rates between the
user and the Internet to reduce upload times for large
files and email attachments. A maximum of 48 Kbps
upstream rate, a 40% improvement achieved. PCM
upstream works particularly well with new equipment
such as Internet-connected digital cameras, which
primarily upload rather than download information.
V.44 compression is a new compression algorithm
for faster download of popular HTML content from
the Internet achieving downloads about 30% faster
for a more pleasant end user experience.
The SmartDAA Architecture
Conexant's proprietary SmartDAA technology
eliminates the need for costly relay and opto-isolators
typically used in discrete DAA implementations.
The SmartDAA provides all of the interface circuitry,
off-hook relay, loop current holding, impedance
matching and ring detection. It is designed to
meet both USA and international line interface
requirements, with enough flexibility to meet all
worldwide regulatory requirements.
The PC Host system-powered (via the PCI and AC-LINK
bus) SmartDAA operates reliably without drawing
power from the telephone line. Line-powered DAAs
operate poorly when the line current is insufficient
because of long lines or poor line conditions.
SmartDAA delivers a host of features, including:
Call-waiting detection
Extension pickup detection
Line-in-use detection
Remote hang-up detection
European Handset Exclusion
SmartDAA technology consists of three components.
A system side device (System PCI or AC-LINK inter-
face), a Digital Isolation Barrier (discrete components,
high-voltage barrier) and a Line Side Device (CODEC,
hybrid, line protection and DC loop).
P C l / A C - L l N K / U S B
ModemXpert -- Solving Problems
from the Start
Running in the background as a real-time system
tray application, ModemXpert automatically detects
communication problems and alerts the user. This
Windows-based diagnostic program comes as an option
with Conexant products and easily guides the user to a
quick resolution. Technical support calls are reduced and
in many cases avoided altogether. Customer returns are
also significantly reduced. ModemXpert enhances the
value of the modem by increasing customer satisfaction.
Fewer technical support calls and customer returns add
dollars to OEM profits.
The SmartDAA Advantage
As a worldwide modem leader, Conexant has been
in a position to investigate many of the most common
user problems. The SmartDAA was designed to help
solve these problems.
Long Telephone Loops Suffering from Low-Voltage Signals
Modems which draw power from the telephone
line often suffer from reduced performance on long
telephone loops.
The SmartDAA Solution
SmartDAA uses system-wide power, guaranteeing
operation on any loop. Thus, low-voltage signals are not
negatively impacted by the power needs of the modem.
Power Line and Common Mode Noise
The SmartDAA Solution
The use of differential digital interface acts to cancel
such noises.
Unwanted Hum Noise on the Telephone Line
Incessant humming plagues the telephone
line when the modem is plugged in but not being used.
The SmartDAA Solution
SmartDAA minimizes the capacitance across the isolation
barrier to eliminate hum noise.
Lightning Surges
The modem system is disrupted or damaged due to
lightning surges.
The SmartDAA Solution
SmartDAA designs have been shown to pass with
5KV surge pulses ranging from 2x10 uS to 10x1000 uS,
along with added protection from longitudinal surges.
Such problems have rarely been an issue for our
SmartDAA customers.
International Regulations
PTT, Safety and EMC regulations vary widely and can
change often.
The SmartDAA Solution
Conexant has designed SmartDAA to be flexible and
easy to modify. It is fully configurable and allows many
changes and optimizations. Additionally, Conexant has a
solid network of relationships with PTT labs around the
world and a test laboratory accredited to TBR21 and
Advisory Notes.
Line Side
System Side
System Side
Digital Isolation Barrier
Line Side
Digital Isolation Barrier
f e a t u r e s a n d s p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Complete Soft Modem Portfolio
Extensively tested in Conexant's TBR-21-accredited
laboratories in France, these PCI, USB and AC-LINK
products are backed by the company's 20-year history
in modem innovations.
The CX11252 HSFi PCI modem design is the world's lowest-
cost PCI desktop and Mini-PCI notebook modem. It features
a compact 100TQFP package that ensures a low-cost,
low-profile system board. All HSFi PCI modems have full
European, U.S. and Japan PTT certification, as well as full
Windows XP WHQL logo compliance. A software speaker-
phone is a value added option.
Featuring Conexant's SmartDAA silicon technology, the
CX11246 SmartMC3S is the world's smallest, full-featured
AC-LINK modem. Its many benefits include complete
AMR/CNR/ACR/MDC compatibility, a compact 16TSOP+28QFN
packaging for small, low-cost riser cards and full worldwide
or European PTT compliance. Full Windows XP WHQL logo
and European safety compliance are standard.
Conexant's CX06836 V.92 USB soft modem device with V.44
protocol, is ideal for desktop PCs, laptops and compact PCs
and is a low cost external modem solution that employs
ease-of-use ("hot" Plug-N-Play devices) in a compact single
chip form factor. The CX06836 supports all V.92 features
(quick connect, modem-on-hold, PCM Upstream, NetWaiting),
as well as Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and
Windows XP platforms.
General Information:
U.S. and Canada: (800) 854-8099
International: (949) 483-6996
Headquarters Newport Beach
4311 Jamboree Rd, P.O. Box C
Newport Beach, CA 92660-3095
Order# 101711A
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change without notice.
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damages as a result of its use.
PCI, USB and AC-LINK modem
solutions available
All solutions developed with same
internally-developed code base
V.92 Standard specifications
Quick connect
V.44 compression
PCM upstream
SmartDAA Technology
System side device (DIB interface,
System PCI or AC-LINK)
Digital Isolation Barrier (DIB)
Line Side Service (DIB interface,
CODEC hybrid, line protection
and DC loop)
Call-waiting detection
Extension pickup detection
Line-in-use detection
Remote hang-up detection
Support for European Handset
Extensively tested in Conexant's
TBR-21-accredited labs
HSFi PCI Software Modem
World's lowest-cost PCI desktop
and Mini-PCI notebook modem
Compact 100TQFP package
Worldwide PTT and safety compliant
Supports Euro Handset exclusion,
Restricted Dial
Windows XP WHQL logo compliance
LINUX ready
Software Modem
World's smallest full-featured
AC-LINK modem
Compact 16TSOP+28QFPN packaging
Worldwide PTT compliance
Full Windows XP WHQL logo
Worldwide safety and PTT compliant
Linux ready
CXHSF-USB Software Modem
Single-chip 100-pin in a TQFP package
USB Bus Port
Operating System Support:
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
External "hot" Plug-N-Play solution
Lowest cost external solution
Compact form factor
Product Features