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Электронный компонент: CX25871

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True international support for NTSC, PAL
and SECAM output
HDTV output capability
Adaptive flicker filtering
Supports resolutions from 320 x 200 to
1024 x 768
Pin- and software-forward compatible
with the Bt868/869
d i g i t a l i n f o t a i n m e n t p r o d u c t s
Highest-Quality Video Encoder with
"Adaptive" Flicker Filtering
Conexant's CX25870/871 is specifically designed to meet TV out
system requirements for the next-generation desktop PCs,
notebook PCs, game consoles and set-top boxes. With pin- and
software-forward compatibility to the Bt868/869, manufacturers
can quickly bring to market new solutions that support adaptive
flicker filtering, ATSC High Definition Television (HDTV) output,
true international television display (NTSC, PAL and SECAM
output), and resolutions from 320 x 200 to 1024 x 768. The
CX25870/871 supports all features of the market's most popular PC
video encoder, Bt868/869, including 5-line vertical and horizontal
flicker filtering, overscan compensation and 10-bit DACs.
International Support
The CX25870/871 provides the most complete support for products
with TV out capability shipped into the U.S. and international
markets. Support for SCART and WSS 16:9 (wide screen signaling)
per EIAJ CPR-1204 and ITU-R BT.119 are now built in. The
CX25870/871 provides support of international standards including
NTSC (North America, Taiwan, Japan), PAL-B, D, G, H, I (Europe,
Asia), PAL-M (Brazil), PAL-N (Paraguay), PAL-Nc (Argentina), PAL-60,
SECAM-D, K, K1 (Russia), SECAM-B, G, H (Middle East) and
SECAM-L (France).
Distinguishing Features
Adaptive Flicker Filter
Video Encoder
C X 2 5 8 7 0 / 8 7 1
d i g i t a l i n f o t a i n m e n t p r o d u c t s
HDTV Output Mode
HDTV is the wave of the future. Consumers are
beginning to purchase their first HDTV sets. With the
start of this television set transition, TV out capability
must now include the ability to connect and display
PC, set-top box and game console content on these
new HDTV television sets.
The CX25870/871 provides an HDTV output capability
which generates either the analog RGB or analog
component video output necessary for driving
a HDTV's high definition input port. While the
CX25870/871 is in HDTV output mode, the device will
provide either analog RGB or analog YP
signals and
automatically insert tri-level synchronization pulses (when
necessary) and vertical synchronizing "broad pulses".
The CX25870/871 is compliant with EIA770-3, SMPTE
274M/293M/296M and supports ATSC HDTV resolutions
including 480p, 720p and 1080i.
Adaptive Flicker Filtering
The CX25870/871 provides Conexant's unique adaptive
flicker filtering capability. This feature gives new
meaning to the words "end-user ease of use" by
providing the ability to automatically determine the
optimal amount of flicker filtering for a given application.
Now, consumers do not have to manually adjust the
CX25870/871 architecture block diagram
Adaptive Flicker Filter
Video Encoder
C X 2 5 8 7 0 / 8 7 1
amount of flicker filtering as they switch from applications requiring
significant flicker filtering (e.g. text intensive applications like an
Excel spreadsheet) to those requiring little or no flicker filtering
(e.g. a DVD movie). The CX25870/871 does this automatically,
even when two applications are being run simultaneously that
require different amounts of flicker filtering. The CX25870/871
adjusts the flicker filtering of the given content on a pixel-by-pixel
basis to bring the user's viewing experience to a whole new level.
Pixel Input Formats and Timing
The CX25870/871 converts a wide range of input formats to
television video formats. The input resolution can be non-interlaced
with an active resolution of 320 x 200 to 1024 x 768 or interlaced
such as CCIR601, CCIR656 and VESA VIP.
Auto Configuration Modes
The CX25870/871 offers enhanced auto configuration mode
functionality. A total of 48 different modes are now available which
provide pre-programmed register settings for at least 95% of
typical TV out settings. For example, PAL-M can be autoconfigured
to an input resolution of 640 x 480 RGB with a moderate amount of
overscan compensation with just a single register write.
Register Readback
The CX25870/871 full-register readback capability has been added
to provide a real time-to-market advantage for manufacturers as
they develop new products.
What is a PC Video Encoder?
A PC video encoder allows PC users to enjoy the "big screen
experience" on their PCs. This means that instead of being
hunched over a small VGA screen when playing games or
watching DVD movies, PC users can now experience exciting
3D games with the involvement and full-visual impact that
only a big screen television can provide. The PC encoder is
a highly-sophisticated chip that converts the high-resolution
progressive scan 2D/3D VGA image generated by a PC's
graphics subsystem into a format that can be displayed on
an interlaced television. This conversion should include
"flicker filtering" because if you were to directly display a
VGA image on a TV set, the image would "flicker" due to
the reduced resolution of the TV set compared to a VGA
monitor. Only the Conexant family of 5-line vertical and
horizontal flicker filter and adaptive flicker filter PC video
encoders provide the crisp video quality that allows the
family PC to be at the center of home entertainment
and productivity.
Further Information
(800) 854-8099 (North America)
(949) 483-6996 (International)
Order # 100431B
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f e a t u r e s a n d s p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Product Features
Adaptive flicker filtering for enhanced image
and text sharpness
Supports any input resolution from 320 x 200
to 1024 x 768
48 automatic configuration modes
Programmable power management
Pin- and software-forward compatibility with
the Bt868/869
SCART support (R/G/B, 4th DAC=CVBS)
Up to 5-line vertical and horizontal flicker
WSS 16:9 (wide screen signaling) support
Macrovision 7.1.L1 protection with
the CX25871
10-bit DACs for superior picture quality
Wide selection of overscan compensation ratios
Serial programming interface
Buffered crystal clock output
Interlaced or non-interlaced
Simultaneous S-video and Composite
YCrCb non-interlaced input to interlaced output
16-bit 4:2:2 multiplexed 8-bit input
24-bit 4:4:4 multiplexed 12-bit input
24-bit 4:4:4 non-multiplexed 24-bit input
Alternate 24-bit 4:4:4 non-multiplexed
24-bit input
RGB non-interlaced input to interlaced output
15/16-bit multiplexed 8-bit input
24-bit multiplexed 12-bit input
16-bit non-multiplexed 16-bit input
24-bit non-multiplexed 24-bit input
Alternate 24-bit non-multiplexed 24-bit input
RGB non-interlaced input to RGB
non-interlaced output
15/16-bit multiplexed 8-bit input
24-bit multiplexed 12-bit input
24-bit non-multiplexed 24-bit input
RGB or YCrCb interlaced input to interlaced
80-pin PQFP package
Desktop PCs
Graphics cards
Notebook computers
Game consoles
Digital television receiver cards
Living room PCs
Internet PCs
DVD players
Set-top boxes
Conexant and the Conexant symbol are trademarks of Conexant Systems, Inc.
Master, Pseudo-Master and Slave Modes
The CX25870/871 can operate as either a timing master, pseudo-master or
slave. In master mode, the CX25870/871 will generate the CLK, HSYNC, VSYNC
and BLANK signals. In pseudo-master mode, the CX25870/871 generates the
CLK only and the graphics controller generates the HSYNC, VSYNC and BLANK
signals. In Slave mode, the CX25870/871 relies on the graphics controller to
generate all timing signals.
The CX25871 provides Macrovision 7.1.L1 anticopy protection.