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Электронный компонент: CCMJ-14C-EL

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Dimensions are shown in mm
Dimensions subject to change
Eject mechanism
Steel, Stainless Steel Plate
Contacts material
Copper alloy
Contacts plating
Gold alloy inlay
Electrical data
Insulation resistance
1,000 M
Contact resistance max
Max 100 m
Min 10A / Max 1A
Dielectric strength
500 Vrms min
Card detection switch
Card insertion:
After IC card's terminal is activated, the card
detection switch indicates "off" more than 1m sec.
Card ejection:
When eject button is pushed, card detector is
activated. Then required more than 10m sec delay
time until contact is removed from IC card.
Rc Card detection switch
Max 1 m
Switch current rating
Min 0.1mA / Max 10mA
Mechanical data
Number of Contacts
Mechanical Life
200,000 cycles
Card insertion force
Max 10N
Card ejector button push force
Max 12N
Frequency 33Hz. Acceleration 6.8G
(66.6m/s2) constant.
Duration: vertical 8H, horizontal
(left-right 2H) (forward-backward 2H).
Max dielectric discontinuity 1 sec.
Sweep Vibration
Frequency 10 to 200Hz,
Acceleration 5G (50.0m/s2)
constant, Logarithm sweep, sweep speed
10-200-10Hz (15min) Number of sweeps, vertical
8 cycles-2H, horizontal
Peak value 20 G - Duration 6m sec.
3 shocks in each direction of each axis
Max electrical discontinuity 1 sec.
Enviromental Data
Operating Temperature
-30C ~ 85C
Connectors are packaged on tray. 6 pieces per tray. Maximum of 30 trays per carton box.
Ordering Code
The CCMJ-014C-E with an ejector
mechanism and landing system opens
new opportunities for future on board
applications. It offers higher reliability,
durability, maximized space savings,
and easy installation. Higher
performance in the most compact
Main applications:
Designed for multiple applications
as follows:
Intelligent transportation system
Electronic tool collection
Electronic fund transfer
Access control
Main features:
Landing Method, an ITT Cannon
patent, lifts the card to the contacts
with a guaranteed connection and
minimal wiping. The connector itself
is highly durable and protects the IC
card as well. The card is fully inserted
into the connector.
Smaller dimensions - A lower profile
card connector of 4 mm height
Data Security - The sequential delay
time for card extraction between
switch and contact is more than
10m sec.
Easy installation - no soldering is
necessary. Only a simple connection
of FFC interface cable to the user's
interface connector.
Reads cards of the ISO standard
7816 (Full size smart card).
Electromagnetic release version under
Part Number
Ejector position
N of Contacts
*ISO standard
Dimensions are shown in mm
Dimensions subject to change
Dimensional Drawings
Unless otherwise stated, tolerances are 0.10 mm