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FFDTM 2.5" IDE Plus
Plus Performance, Density and Security Solid-State
ATA Flash Disk
Technology Overview
M-Systems' Fast Flash Disk (FFD) 2.5" IDE Plus disk is a state-of-the-art, solid-state
disk based on NAND flash technology, which provides the functionality of a hard disk
with no moving parts.
The outstanding reliability of the FFD 2.5" IDE Plus is achieved by M-Systems'
technology that provides full disk emulation, enhanced endurance with
dynamic wear-leveling and bad-block mapping-out management.
Due to its unique design, the FFD 2.5" IDE Plus eliminates seek time, latency and
other electro-mechanical delays inherent in conventional disk drives. The FFD 2.5"
IDE Plus sustained read rate is 8.2 MB/s and sustained write is 8.0-9.8 MB/s at
DMA-2 transfer mode, supporting both DMA 0-2 and PIO 0-4 transfer modes.
The FFD 2.5" IDE Plus is fully compatible with the ATA-3 interface and has the same
mechanical dimensions and mounting holes as traditional mechanical disks. It is a true
drop-in replacement for rotating ATA disks where top reliability is required.
FFD 2.5" IDE Plus provides an ideal storage solution for mission-critical applications
that must operate under harsh environmental conditions.
M-Systems' family of FFDs has been providing rugged, mass-storage solutions to an
expansive range of industries since 1997. In air force, navy and army installations, it
has been field-tested inside data recorders, moving maps, sonar, radar, fire control
systems, black boxes, data acquisition systems, C4ISR, telemetry systems, rugged
laptops and servers.
In telecommunication systems, the FFD product line is used within optical and ATM
switches, IP gateways, wireless base stations and core routers, providing NEBS
Level-3 compliance, top reliability and a maintenance-free solution.
FFD 2.5" IDE Plus top reliability and high MTBF enable it also to be used in Factory
Automation (FA) systems, Point Of Sale (POS) systems, assembly and robot
controllers, and within manufacturing and medical systems.
FFD 2.5" IDE Plus provides the most reliable solution without compromising on
speed, capacity, data integrity, making it an ideal solution for demanding applications,
operating under harsh environmental conditions.
IDE/SCSI Product Line
M-Systems' IDE/SCSI product line offers complete solutions for customers who
require rugged and high-performance solid-state flash disks. M-Systems' IDE/SCSI
offering includes IDE/ATA, Narrow SCSI and Ultra-Wide SCSI interfaces in 1.8",
2.5" and 3.5" form factors:
FFD 2.5" IDE
FFD 2.5" IDE Plus
IDE 3000 2.5"
IDE 3000 3.5"
IDE 3000 1.8"
FFD 3.5" Ultra-Narrow SCSI
FFD 3.5" Ultra-Wide SCSI
6U VME, 3U and 6U Compact PCI and PCM flash disks
Main Features
256MB to 21.5GB disk capacity
2.5" standard form factor
Case height from 8.5 mm to 34.2 mm
DMA 0-2 and PIO 0-4 transfer modes
16.7 MBytes/sec burst read/write rate
8.2 MBytes/sec sustained read rate (DMA2)
8.0 - 9.2 MBytes/sec sustained write rate
Quick security erase in 6-120 seconds
Sanitize confidential data, complies with
NISPOM DoD 5220.22-M, NSA 130-2,
Air Force AFSSI 5020, Army 380-19
and Navy NAVSO P-5239-26
More than 5,000,000 write/erase cycles
Enhanced disk endurance with dynamic
SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and
Reporting Technology)
Bad-block mapping-out algorithm
Guaranteed data integrity under unstable
power conditions (no DRAM as data
cache buffer)
No moving parts
MIL-STD 810F compliant
NEBS Level-3 compliant
1500 G operating shock
16.3 G RMS operating random vibration
-40C to +85C operating temperature
-55C to +95C storage temperature
80,000 ft operating altitude
5-year warranty
FFD 2.5" IDE Plus Specifications
Disk Capacity
Unformatted (MBytes): 256, 512, 1024, 1536, 2048, 3072, 4096,
5120, 6144, 7168, 8192, 9216, 10240, 11264, 12288, 13312,
14336, 15360, 16384, 17408, 18432, 19456, 20480, 21504
IDE Compatibility
ANSI-X3.298-1997 (ATA-3); ANSI-X3.279-1996 (ATA-2)
Burst Read/Write: 16.7 MB/sec
DMA-2 transfer mode:
Sustained read: 8.2 MB/sec
up to 13 MB/s with customized
Sustained write: 8.0 - 9.8 MB/sec
PIO-4 transfer mode
Sustained read: 7.2 - 7.4 MB/sec (read/write sector or multi-16
Sustained write: 5.7 - 8.5 MB/sec (read/write sector or multi-16
Access time: <0.04 ms
Form factor:
Mounting: Industry
Case dimensions (mm): 100.2 (L) X 69.8 (W) X 8.5 to 34.2 (H)
0.1 kg for 1GB; 0.38 kg for 21.5GB
Operating temperature
0C to +70C
-25C to +75C
-40C to +85C
Storage temperature: -55C to +95C
5% to 95% relative, non-condensing
Operating altitude: Up to 80,000 ft
Operating shock:
1,500 G, MIL-STD-810F
Operating vibration: 16.3 G RMS (random, 20 Hz to 2000 Hz;
3 vibration axes), MIL-STD-810F
Input voltage:
5VDC (4.75-5.25V range)
Typical power consumption for 3GB unit
Power mode: Idle/Standby/Sleep: 460 mA (2.3 W)
No activity mode: 620 mA (3.1 W)
Sustained read/write: 760 mA (3.8 W)
Sanitize Secure Erase/Fill: 760 mA (3.8 W)
CE, UL, EN 55022 Class B, CISPR 22 Class B, AS/NZS 3548
Class B, BSMI CNS 13438 Class B, CAN/CSA-V-3/2001.04
(VCCI), FCC Part 15 Class B, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3,
IEC 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/8/11, MIL-STD-810F
1,804,403 hours MTBF for 1.0 GB
1,019,576 hours MTBF for 3.0 GB
Based on Telcordia SR-332, GB, 25C
On-the-fly hardware and software-embedded
EDC/ECC based on 48-bit Reed Solomon
BER (Bit Error Rate) <10
Reliability features
Built-in power-up self-test (BIT)
Manual and automatic self-diagnostics
bad-block management
Data integrity under power-cycling
SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)
remote monitoring of disk endurance and reliability
Read: unlimited
>5,000,000 write/erase cycles
dynamic wear-leveling
Garbage collection process
>10 years data retention
User Interface & Configuration
Interface: 16-bit
Master/Slave mode: Jumper-selectable
ATA transfer modes: PIO 0-4 and DMA 0-2
Firmware upgrade: Field upgrade capability
Factory low-level format
Drivers: None
Access LED:
Green LED
Enhanced Security Erase
Entire disk security erase: 6-120 sec (depending on capacity)
Sanitize complies with NISPOM DoD 5220.22-M, NSA 130-2,
Air Force AFSSI 5020, Army 380-19, Navy NAVSO P-5239-26
Secure erase/Sanitize software interrupt, hardware interrupt
Auto-resume Security Erase/Sanitize on power interrupt
Partial Security Erase
LED indication for Secure Erase/Sanitize
5 years (a longer warranty period can be supported)
PCB conformal coating
Customizing case dimensions
Higher disk capacities
Hardware interrupt quick security erase
Read/write rate customization
Manufactured available also in the USA & for FMF
Contact Us
USA: +1-510-494-2090
Taiwan: +886-2-8770-6226
China: +86-755-2519-4732
Japan: +81-3-5423-8101
Europe: +972-9-764-5000
Ordering Information
CCCCC: Unformatted capacity (MB) 256 to 21504
T: Operating temperature range
Blank Commercial:
0C to +70C
N Enhanced:
-25C to +75C
X Extended:
-40C to +85C
H: Case Height (mm)
A 8.5 mm up to 1.0GB; B 11.3 mm up to 3.0GB;
C 14.3 mm up to 6.1GB; D 18.5 mm up to 9.2GB;
F 26.6 mm up to 15.3GB; H 34.2 mm up to 21.5GB
Specifications subject to change without notice.
All rights reserved. M-Systems is a registered
trademark. TrueFFS and FFDTM are trademarks
of M-Systems.
48-SR-003-01-8L Rev. 1.8 June 2003