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D2HW-BL231M (Omron)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «D2HW-BL231M» (Switches), manufacturer Omron. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet D2HW-BL231M manufacturer Omron
DescriptionSealed Snap Action Switch# Smallest Sealed Snap-Action Switch in the Industry WithA Long Stroke for Reliable ON/OFF Action Conforms to IP67 (lead wire type) and IP50 (terminal type)# Case dimensions 22% smaller than conventional models# Extra-long stroke even without levers (OT: 1.4 mm)# All models are lead-free, including lead wire models# Post or screw mounting options# Straight/Angled PCB, Quick Connect/Solder or Lead Wire terminal types
ManufacturerOmron Electronics LLCOmron
SizePages: 0, 607.01Kb
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