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G3VM-21LR(TR) (Omron)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «G3VM-21LR(TR)» (MOSFET Drivers), manufacturer Omron. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet G3VM-21LR(TR) manufacturer Omron
DescriptionMOSFET Relay# Worlds\' tiniest MOSFET Relay, with parts less than half the size of previous versions, occupying one-quarter the volume. The G3VM-LR can provide logic IC and memory functionality for these devices. Measures just 1.8H x 2W x 3.8 D mm# Shrink small outline package (SSOP) suitable for surface mount assembly# 4-pin SSOP: 1.8mm high, 1.27 mm pitch# Small output capacitance allows high frequency applications# Solid state reliability for automatic test equipment, test and measurement instruments f
FunctionalMOSFET Drivers
ManufacturerOmron Electronics LLCOmron
SizePages: 0, 132.37Kb
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