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UBA2007 (Philips)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «UBA2007» (Battery Chargers), manufacturer Philips. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet UBA2007 manufacturer Philips
DescriptionCharge Switchthe UBA2007 is an Intelligent Charge Switch ic For Pulse Mode Charging Applications. With Its Integrated Low Ohmic Power Switch it is Designed For Charging of 1-cell Li-ion or 3-cell Nimh Batteries in EitherA Pre-charge or Fast Charge Mode. The Reverse Mode of The UBA2007 Allows The Supply of Accessories Connected to The Charger Pin. Several Integrated SaFETy Mechanisms Such as Current Limitation, Overvoltage Protection, Thermal Protection and Esd Guarantee Fail-safe Operation.
FunctionalBattery Chargers
ManufacturerPhilips SemiconductorsPhilips
SizePages: 19, 114.56Kb
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