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H36A2 (Renesas)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «H36A2» (8 bit), manufacturer Renesas. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet H36A2 manufacturer Renesas
Description8-Bit Music Synthesizer MCU General Description The HT36A2 is an 8-bit High Performance Risc-like Microcontroller Specifically Designed For Music Applications. It Provides an 8-bit MCU AndA 8 Channel Wavetable Synthesizer. The Program ROM is Composed of Both Program Control Codes and Wavetable Voice Codes, and CAN be Easily Programmed. The HT36A2 HasA Built-in 8-bit Microprocessor Which Programs The Synthesizer to Generate The Melody BY Setting The Special Register From 20H~2AH.A Halt Feature is Provided
Functional8 bit
ManufacturerRenesas Technology Corp.Renesas
SizePages: 24, 260.26Kb
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