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R1100D (RICOH)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «R1100D» (Linear Voltage Regulators), manufacturer RICOH. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet R1100D manufacturer RICOH
DescriptionVoltage RegulatorThe R1100 Series are CMOS-based voltage regulator ICs with high accuracy output voltage and ultra-low supply current developed. Each of these ICs consists ofA driver transistor,A voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, resistors for setting output voltage andA current limit circuit.The output voltage of these ICs is fixed with high accuracy. Even if VOUT is shorted to the GND, the included current limit circuit protects the ICs from the destruction. Since the package for these ICs is
FunctionalLinear Voltage Regulators
ManufacturerRICOH electronics devices divisionRICOH
SizePages: 14, 297.44Kb
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