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R1173S (RICOH)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «R1173S» (Positive), manufacturer RICOH. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet R1173S manufacturer RICOH
DescriptionCMOS-based positive voltage regulator The R1173x Series are CMOS-based positive voltage regulator ICs. The R1173x Series have features of super low dropout, 1A output current capability, and -3mV typical load regulation at 1A. Even the output voltage is set at 1.5V, on resistance of internal FET is typically 0.32Ω. Therefore, applications that requireA large current at small dropout are suitable for the R1173x Series. Low input voltage is acceptable and low output voltage can be set. The minimum inpu
ManufacturerRICOH electronics devices divisionRICOH
SizePages: 26, 723.66Kb
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