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ARM966E-S (STMicroelectronics)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «ARM966E-S» (ARM), manufacturer STMicroelectronics. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet ARM966E-S manufacturer STMicroelectronics
DescriptionARM966E-S™ 16/32-Bit Flash MCU with Ethernet, USB, CAN,AC Motor Control, 4 Timers, ADC, RTC, DMA16/32-bit 96 MHz ARM9E based MCU– ARM966E-S RISC core: Harvard architecture,5-stage pipeline, Tightly-CoupledMemories (SRAM and Flash)– STR91xF implementation of core adds highspeedburst Flash memory interface,instruction prefetch queue, branch cache– Up to 96 MIPS directly from Flash memory– Single-cycle DSP instructions are supported– Binary compatible with 16/32-bit ARM7 code■ Dual burst Flash memories,
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