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CX90600 (Conexant)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «CX90600» (Voice over IP), manufacturer Conexant. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet CX90600 manufacturer Conexant
DescriptionIntegrated VoIP Solution for IP Phone ApplicationsThe CX90600 device isA highly integrated VoIP single chip device based on the ARM926EJ core with integrated memory management unit (MMU), caches and tightly coupled memory (TCM). Integrated peripherals such as the LCD controller, keypad interface, 3-port Ethernet switch, andA wideband codec significantly reduce the overall bill of material and design complexity of the IP Phone application, and enable feature rich designs of Web-Phone, Video-Phone and other
FunctionalVoice over IP
ManufacturerConexant Systems, Inc.Conexant
SizePages: 20, 739.68Kb
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