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K1S3216BCC-FI85 (Samsung)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «K1S3216BCC-FI85» (Memory), manufacturer Samsung. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet K1S3216BCC-FI85 manufacturer Samsung
Description2M x 16 bit Page Mode Uni-Transistor CMOS RAMThe K1S3216BCC is fabricated by SAMSUNG\'s advanced CMOS technology using one transistor memory cell.The device support 4 page mode operation, Industrial temperature range and 48 ball Chip Scale Package for user flexibility of system design. The device also supports deep power down mode for low standby current.
ManufacturerSamsung semiconductorSamsung
SizePages: 10, 161.91Kb
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K1S3216BCC, K1S3216BCC-FI70, K1S3216BCC-FI85