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K4H280838F-TC/LB3 (Samsung)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «K4H280838F-TC/LB3» (128 Mb), manufacturer Samsung. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet K4H280838F-TC/LB3 manufacturer Samsung
Description4M x 8Bit x 4 Banks Double Data Rate SDRAMThe K4H280838F is 134,217,728 bits of double data rate synchronous DRAM organized as 4x 8,388,608 / 4x 4,194,304 words by 4/ 8bits, fabricated with SAMSUNG\'s high performance CMOS technology. Synchronous features with Data Strobe allow extremely high performance up to 333Mb/s per pin. I/O transactions are possible on both edges of DQS. Range of operating frequencies, programmable burst length and programmable latencies allow the device to be useful forA variety of
Functional128 Mb
ManufacturerSamsung semiconductorSamsung
SizePages: 23, 298.45Kb
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